Two Gorgeous Girls


Meet little Ellie who is just 6 weeks old, and the gorgeous Mia. We had some fun together, with some singing and dancing and of course many cuddles with Ellie, such a beautiful time.



Collages are a fun way to display lots of images, you can have many different designs to suit and make as large as you like.

When you want to display more than one image and struggle for room this a great way to display your photos. They look great made up as a canvas, framed or in a cluster. Collages are my favourite at the moment, this one was from our weekend of lazing around.

School Holiday Fun


We spent a few days at Point Lonsdale enjoying the gorgeous beaches and parks. The pier was the highlight, fell in love with it.

My gorgeous sister


My website is back up and running thanks to my brother, what would I do without him, he always gets me out of trouble.

My gorgeous Mum and Greg


While at a stunning wedding in the Yarra Valley, we took advantage of the perfect surroundings to take some photos of my beautiful Mum and cheeky partner Greg.

Beautiful Bella


Bella had her own special photo shoot today, with her stunning jacket from Bali, looking beautiful Bella.

Horse Riding


We have been trying to plan horse riding for 6 months.

Madison has not been able to stop talking about it, was a real hit. I know what we will now be doing more of now!!

Our little helper, she is so so cute!!

Merry Xmas


The count down begins and the crazy times start, parties, lots of shopping, kids activities and everyone is busy busy busy. Here are a few shots of the kids having some fun with their bubbles and xmas spirt, enjoy. x

Down the Beach


Was such a beautiful day on Saturday, we headed down the beach and enjoyed some sunshine. Here are just a few of the kids striking their poses.